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History of Damiansplace.net

June 2005
I'm going abroad and I start to play with my digital camera
I'm starting to think about my own web gallery
I finaly started
8 December
Domain damiansplace.net bought. Let's ROLL
Starting with upload of my pages onto server
Christmas 2005
New layout of site, it begins to look nice :D
Few new photos of my city (coming soon)
New Years Eve 2005
I'm resting at home :D, I deserve it :P
27 January 2006
Simple script to always welcome U
29 January
Finaly, I found a way, to make my page look in IE, the same way as in Firefox,
thanks to BlueRobot.com :D
8 February
Finally I've finished, for this moment, last 2 galleries, including that one with photos of my city. I found few ideas, what will apear on main site :D
9 February
"Blue frenzy" new layout. I hope You'll like it